The new Shiny Rayquaza introduction includes video promotion, new artwork, hilarious user reactions


The PokemonGoApp Twitter account released a series of tweets that promoted curiosity and intrigue for Trainers. However, the prompts give way to a series of clues that introduces back Rayquaza as a level 5 raid boss but includes a shiny variant this release.

Niantic, not to outdo itself, also released a video promotion on Twitter that includes an HD video of shiny Rayquaza rushing out of the Earth’s atmosphere back down to Earth. Does this remind anyone of Shenron from Dragonball Z?

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While we’re extremely excited for this promotion, other Pokémon trainers hilariously react in all fashions on Twitter to the announcement:

User @PeloPoGO shared fantastic phone backgrounds for extra shiny luck at the raids:

And finally, the new artwork has us rethinking our design choices for ourselves. Anyone down to redecorate for the shiny effect? We think this is frame worthy.

Are you ready to battle for a chance to encounter a shiny Rayquaza? Let us know in the comments below.


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